Top Sic Bo Online Casinos

Sic Bo is quite a popular casino game. You can play it at venues around the world. However, you can also play it from your own home. Read on and explore the top online casinos that hold Sic Bo Online.

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Online gaming has always been more convenient than land-based gaming. However, it used to lack the thrill of live games. That is until table games were optimized for live play. They’re streamed from casino studios to simulate the atmosphere of brick-and-mortar venues. And since real-life dealers host them, there’s not much difference between them and offline table games (unless you play at a rogue casino).

Live dealer games are perfect for old-school gamers who feel nostalgic about the Las Vegas heyday. They’re also great for social gamers who can’t afford to go to land-based casinos. Live games online are interactive — as a player, you can communicate with both the dealer and other players.

As for the selection, there are variants of online Roulette, card games, such as poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat, and dice games, such as Craps and Sic Bo.

Sic Bo is rather fun and dynamic. But how fruitful can it be?

What Is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a dice game and, thus, a game of chance. It originated in ancient China, and it’s widely popular in Asia. However, it’s gained popularity worldwide and is now available offline and online.

As a dice game, it requires luck, not skills. There’s no space for strategizing in Sic Bo. However, there are different bets whose odds and payout rates you should study before playing.

Sic Bo is an online game hosted by a real-life dealer. It’s not controlled by an RNG (unlike the game’s virtual form). Instead, it’s the dealer that reveals the outcome.

Live Sic Bo isn’t as common as live Blackjack and Roulette. However, it’s not impossible to find if you know where to look. You can explore the casinos in our selection — they’re well-supplied and trustworthy. 

How to Play Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a simple game. If you’ve played it offline, you can play the game on the internet for real money, as the two versions don’t differ much. Online games are essentially replicas of land-based table games.

However, if you’re a novice, you should get familiar with the game before playing it for real money, despite its simplicity. Free Sic Bo online is the proper way to do it. Most casinos offer their games in demo mode so that you can have fun without risking your money.

Whichever the case, the first step is finding a legitimate casino. Unfortunately, many online casinos are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Despite the fun you have playing the game, they can and will ruin your experience.

Sic Bo Strategy


In Sic Bo, there’s a layout where players place their bets. You’re familiar with the concept if you’ve played Craps or Roulette. 

Different bets have different probabilities. However, their odds and house edge vary depending on the place.

Common Bets

Wherever you play Sic Bo, the following bets should be available.

Placing a small bet means betting that the total score will be a number from four to ten, except a triple. The probability of winning a small bet is 48.61%. It pays one-to-one, and it has a house edge of 2.78%, regardless of the venue.

A big bet pays the same as a small bet. It also has the same probability of winning and having a house edge. However, it wins on a total score of 11 through 17.

Three Dice Total Bets

Three dice total bets are bets on a specific total score. Four and 17 bets pay 50 to one in Macau, 60 to one in Atlantic City, and 62 to one in Australia. They have a house edge of 29.17%, 15.28%, and 12.5%, respectively.

Five and 16 bets pay 18 to one in Macau, 30 to one in Atlantic City, and 31 to one in Australia. Their house edge ranges from 47.22% to 11.11%.

Six and 15 bets pay 14 to one in Macau, 17 to one in Atlantic City, and 18 to one in Australia. They have a house edge of 30.56%, 16.67%, or 12.04%.

Seven and 14 bets pay 12 to one everywhere. Their house edge is 9.72%.

Eight and 13 bets pay eight to one everywhere. They have a house edge of 12.5%.

Nine and 12 bets pay six to one in Macau and Atlantic City. In Australia, however, they pay seven to one. Their house edge is lower in Australia (7.41%) than in Macau and Atlantic City (18.98%).

Ten and 11 bets pay six to one. They have a house edge of 12.5%.

Other Common Bets

Double bets are bets on specific pairs. For instance, if you bet on two sixes and at least two dice land on six, you win the bet. Double bets pay eight to one in Macau, ten to one in Atlantic City, and 11 to one in Australia. Their house edge ranges between 33.3% and 11.1%. 

A specific triple wins if the number you’ve chosen appears on all three dice. It pays 150 to one in Macau and 180 to one in Atlantic City. The house edge is 30.09% or 16.2%.

Any triple wins if any number appears on all three dice. This bet pays 24 to one in Macau and 30 to one in Atlantic City. It has a house edge of 30.56% or 13.89%.

Any one number wins if a specific number appears on at least one die. One match pays one-to-one, two matches pay two to one, and three matches pay three to one (12 to one in Australia). Any one number bet generally has a house edge of 7.87%. However, in Australia, it’s 3.7%.

Domino (two faces) bet wins if the combination contains two specific numbers a player has chosen. For example, if you bet on 2-5, your bet pays five to one if the dice form one of the following combinations: 1-2-5, 2-2-5, 2-3-5, 2-4-5, 2-5-5, or 2-5-6. The house edge is 16.67%.

Domino (one face) wins if at least two dice land on one specific number. For instance, if you bet on 4-4, the following combinations are the winning ones: 1-4-4, 2-4-4, 3-4-4, 4-4-4, 4-4-5, and 4-4-6. Pays on this bet range from eight to 11. The house edge ranges from 33.33% to 11.11%.

Uncommon Bets

The following bets may be available in the game version you play, but they’re not as common as the previous ones.

Odd and Even win if the total score is an odd or even number (except a triple). These bets have a house edge of 2.78%.

A three single number combination pays 30 to one if all three numbers you’ve chosen come up. The probability of winning is low (2.78%) and the house edge is high (13.89%).

A specific double and single number combination pays 50 to one. To place it, you must specify which number will come up on two dice and which will appear on one die. The probability of winning is 1.39%, and the house edge is 29.17%.

A four-number combination wins if three of the four numbers you’ve chosen come up. It pays seven to one. The probability of winning is 11.11%, and so is the house edge.

Where to Play Sic Bo Online?

Sic Bo, like Craps, is less common than other table games. However, there are trustworthy casinos where you can play both games in real-time. We’ve selected a few such websites for you. You can have fun playing Sic Bo for free or try your luck for real money there.

A casino’s offer depends on the software providers catering to it. Evolution Gaming, the best one on the market, has games of the highest quality. There are standard and VIP tables, as well as a multi-game play feature.

Playtech is second to Evolution Gaming. Their selection isn’t only diverse — it’s also available in several languages. Playtech also holds a few reputable licenses.

Another first-class live game developer is Microgaming. Aside from having a wide range of games in its selection, Microgaming is the founding member of eCOGRA, contributing only to the company’s superb reputation.

How to Pick the Best Sic Bo Casino?

In spite of it being less common than some other games, Sic Bo isn’t hard to find online. However, you shouldn’t register at the first casino that offers it. Many shady and rogue casinos seem perfectly legitimate on the internet. Thus, you must be extra careful if you’re in for real-money play.

So before you make an account (and deposit), you should inquire about the casino that interests you. The first step — reading through the terms and conditions section — is tedious but necessary. If you should stay away from a certain casino, you’ll spot some red flags there. 

Good casinos have high-security standards. They generally use encryption to protect players’ privacy. Moreover, they value fair play, so they usually use a random number generator to ensure that virtual games can’t be manipulated. As for live games, fair casinos generally have them monitored by trustworthy testing agencies.

Much information about online casinos is available on watchdog portals and forums. There, you can check how a certain casino rates among other players.

Finally, check the casino’s financial information if you wish to play Sic Bo (or any game) for real money. Payment terms differ from one casino to the next. Some process your withdrawal request instantly, while others make you wait for days before claiming your winnings.

Live Dealer Sic Bo vs. Virtual Sic Bo

Live dealer Sic Bo online is more similar to the offline version of the game than its virtual version. Instead of a random number generator, the dealer shakes the dice. They also dictate the pace of play to a certain extent. However, a virtual game of Sic Bo is faster; thus, you have to think and act faster, which may result in more losses. 

Another important difference between the two is the atmosphere. Live games are streamed live from casino studios (or even real brick-and-mortar casinos). If you enjoy the thrill of being at a gaming venue, you can play a live game and simulate the experience at home.

A live game of Sic Bo is interactive, much like every other live dealer game. That means you can chat with the dealer and other players during the game. Live games are essential social events of today — they’re convenient and allow you to converse online.

Sic Bo is a dynamic game, much more so when it’s live. It allows you to have the experience of a casino in Vegas in the comfort of your home. Moreover, at a live casino, you can be surprised with a random bonus.

Closing Thoughts

Sic Bo is a simple yet fun game. In its live form, it presents a great opportunity for socializing. However, for it to be truly fun (and possibly profitable), you have to choose the casino wisely. This game requires luck, not skill, but that doesn’t mean you should leave everything to chance. 

We’ve created a selection of trustworthy casinos for you to explore. Some have been online for years, while others have recently been launched. Either way, they have good business practices and overall player-friendly terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Sic Bo for free online?

Sic Bo is available both for free and for real money. Most online casinos offer their games in demo mode.

Is there a Sic Bo strategy I can use to win more?

Sic Bo is a game of chance, meaning you can’t strategize. There are many different bets. Depending on the likeliness of each outcome, they have different odds. What you can do is choose a bet with good odds. However, you can’t use any strategy to increase your odds.

Where can I find the best online Sic Bo casino?

Many online casinos offer Sic Bo, but they’re not all good. You should review the casino that interests you before making an account. Additionally, you can consult other players and reliable watchdog portals. Finally, we’ve selected several trustworthy casinos for you to explore.

What does Sic Bo mean?

Sic Bo means dice pair in Chinese. Alongside Craps, it’s the most popular dice casino game. It originated in ancient China, but it’s found its way worldwide. It’s available in big gaming centers, such as Macau and Atlantic City, as well as online.