How to Successfully Play and Win Real Money at Online Baccarat

Baccarat is an exciting and authentic game of chance, ideal for players who don’t like strategic thinking. Even though it’s played with cards, this game is nothing like Poker or Blackjack. Baccarat is luck-based, engaging, and simple to comprehend. If you enjoy it or want to try it out, read ahead and explore the top online casinos that hold Baccarat

Today, you can play video and live Baccarat for real money online. But even though gambling is more available now than ever, it comes with many risks. Like any other game of chance, Baccarat can suck out your budget if you play it irresponsibly. 

Hence, each player should know basic rules, betting possibilities, odds, etc. And even though you can’t affect the outcome, you can still use some tips and strategies to prevent getting carried away. 

Baccarat Rules

Understanding Baccarat rules is the first step to take. However simple they are, you should know every detail before placing real money bets. It will help you make more suitable decisions and, as a result, spend your money more reasonably. 

The first rule to learn is card ranking. Namely, in Baccarat, every face card values zero, an Ace brings one point, and all the other cards are worth their rank. In the dealing round, the player and the banker receive two cards. The goal is to get the total score closest to or precisely nine. 

The crucial thing to mention is that busting is impossible in the game of Baccarat. For example, the banker receives two cards – nine and three. The total score of these cards is twelve. However, only the second digit counts. Hence, when the banker gets nine and three, they receive two points. 

Whenever they get cards with a value of five or less, they are eligible for one more card. The third card is called the hit card, which may improve (or not) the player’s or banker’s hand. However, if the total score of either banker’s or player’s cards is worth eight or nine, both must stand. 

Betting Possibilities and Odds

During the Baccarat game, you can bet on three possible outcomes:

  • Player wins,
  • Banker wins,
  • It’s a tie.

As expected, the house has a slight advantage over the player. Hence, if you bet on the banker, the house edge is 1.06%. But, when betting on the player, it’s 1.26%. The most unlikely outcome to happen is the tie – in this case, the house edge is 14.4%. However, it also pays out generously (8:1) compared to the other two bets (1:1).

Online Baccarat Winning Tips

The outcome in Baccarat is unpredictable, and you can’t affect it at all. However, you can place bets more wisely and manage your finances smartly. You can also implement one of the well-known betting strategies. As a result, you’ll at least avoid losing more than you can handle.

But before you start exploring betting strategies, one factor comes before everything else – the quality of the online casino you chose. Unfortunately, transactions made online can’t ever be 100% secure. However, if you register with a legitimate, reputable online casino, you’ll get safer and more quality gaming sessions. 

Moreover, most online gambling venues offer table game options – video and live versions. Considering that the video Baccarat works with an RNG chip, it may seem safer. Nevertheless, choosing a live game version can be highly beneficial. The most significant advantage of live dealer Baccarat is the slower game pace. 

Live casino games occur in real-time and are hosted by an actual dealer. Therefore, they feel like playing at a brick-and-mortar casino. But more importantly, a live game’s speed is much slower than the digital one’s. In other words, you have more time to think, make a suitable decision, and manage your bankroll. 

You should take the game pace as a crucial factor to consider, especially if you’re a novice. Therefore, you may avoid specific Baccarat games (such as Dragon Baccarat, Mini-Baccarat, etc.). In conclusion, choosing a standard, slow Baccarat game at a suitable online casino is the first and most critical step.

Baccarat Strategy

The most popular Baccarat tip you’ll hear sooner or later is to always bet on a banker. Regarding this bet, the house edge is the lowest, and the RTP is 98.9% – which is impressive in casino games. But when you bet on a banker and win, the house takes a commission. 

Nonetheless, the commission is a small price for such huge winning odds. You’ll receive $19 instead of $20 for a $10 bet. And if you ever come across a casino that takes as much as 10%, don’t fall for it. The banker’s cut shouldn’t be higher than 5%. 

In addition, the Baccarat bet to avoid a tie. The situation in which the banker and the player get the same result is rare. Therefore, it is no wonder the house edge is as high as 14.4%. In the context of casino games, such a high house edge is everything but encouraging. 

Martingale and Paroli Baccarat Strategies

When it comes to luck-based table games, there are several betting strategies you can use to enhance your winning odds. But even though they are likely to work in the long run, not a single one of them guarantees you profit, especially an instant one. On the other hand, if your bankroll is suitable and you know how to manage it, betting strategies can help you a lot. 

For example, the most popular one is the Martingale betting strategy. When implementing it, you should double your bet each time you lose. So, if you place a $10 bet on a banker and lose, you should raise the bet size to $20. Finally, when you win, you’re supposed to return to the original bet size. 

Paroli is the betting system opposite from Martingale. If you win, you should increase your bet, and when you lose, you should place a bet you did before. However simple these two betting strategies are, they are more suitable for high rollers. Generally, you can’t keep doubling up forever. 

At one point, you’ll see in action that the house always holds the advantage. So, as soon as the house edge turns against you and your luck runs out, you should stop playing Baccarat. Every game of chance will eventually suck out your budget. Hence, the crucial skill to gain in real-money gaming is self-control. 

Parting Words

Nothing can ensure you a profit when you’re dealing with games of chance, such as Baccarat. Every game is risky, especially if you’re playing at illegitimate online casinos. However, there’s always a chance you’ll leave with your pockets full of chips – and that’s why gambling is so exciting in the first place. 

But you’ll get a satisfying gaming session only when you play responsibly. So, if you learn how to control your emotions and bankroll, you’ll bring the whole experience to a higher level and, more importantly, feel safe.

What is online baccarat?

Online Baccarat is a card game of chance. Other than being authentic and engaging, it can pay out quite generously. And given that the rules are simple to comprehend, it is no wonder the game is so popular.

Is there a strategy for baccarat?

Baccarat is a luck-based game, and you can’t do anything to control it. But you can learn how to manage your finances and implement several betting strategies. If you do, you’ll get safer and more profitable gaming sessions.

Can you win money playing baccarat?

Yes, it’s possible to win real money when playing Baccarat. However, this card game is luck-based, meaning you can’t affect the outcome. Thus, you can also lose much if you don’t manage your budget correctly.

Do casinos cheat on Baccarat?

Rouge online casinos that lack a valid license and legitimate games may cheat. Hence, you should search for a reputable gambling venue while keeping many factors in mind. If you find it, it’s improbable the casino will cheat on Baccarat or any other game whatsoever.
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