88 Frenzy Fortune Slot Review

88 Frenzy Fortune Slot Review

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BetSoft 88 Frenzy Fortune slot is a welcoming addition among the 2021 slots. It went online in August this year and, thanks to its enticing yet straightforward game mechanics, will stay for a more extended period. 

Read our review further to see how you'll need just one fishing line to catch some of the best multipliers in the online casino galaxy.

Plenty of Fish in This Carp Pond

So far, we've seen spaceships, ancient gods, and even leprechauns in space on video slots. However, the 88 Frenzy Fortune slot takes it up a notch. It sports carp fishing at the brinks of unknown galaxies.

As with all recent BetSoft video slots, 88 Frenzy Fortune has an excellent selection of controls. At the bottom of your reels, there are controls for manual spins and customizable auto spins.

You can select the bet amount and see how much you win per spin, as well as how many credits you have left. There is a settings menu button on the bottom left side of the control panel. It has an excellent selection of controls with the paytable and rules and volume and turbo spin options to toggle on or off.

The background of the game resembles cosmic Pillars of Creation thrust into a space-blue and maroon color scheme. Thanks to the fourth multiplier reel, the splashes of golden carps will surely make your wishes come true. The background is animated and has occasional comets passing by something that resembles a "red hole." 

The soundtrack is a groovy, retro space theme that goes well with the sound effects. However, the soundtrack is short so it can quickly become repetitive. This might be especially tiresome, as the game doesn't offer mini-games, bonus rounds, or specialized features to stir things up.

Nevertheless, the overall appearance and feel of the slot are riveting and compelling, thanks to its excellent design. Designers of the game opted for just a few symbols, leaving the reel spots empty where needed. This emanates an impression of the minimalistic yet, thanks to the galactic ornaments, grand presence of the game.

88 Frenzy Fortune Slot Review Canada Symbols

Space Fishing 808: Special Bonuses

The 88 Frenzy Fortune is a three-reel game with a fourth bonus reel. It has a single fixed bet line that spreads at the center of the three rows. The pivotal idea of your spins is that you hit three symbols on the three primary reels. If you hit a win, the fourth line can give you a multipliers or free spins if it aligns with the winning payline.

The game boasts a broad range of unique bonuses. You can hit various bonuses with each win—a 2x, 5x, or 8x multiplier. However, the game can also boost your wager with an 8x or 18x bet. In some cases, you can get free respins. We'll elaborate more thoroughly on these bonuses in the following sections.

The game has an RTP average of 96%. It is a medium-volatility slot that pays a single fixed line. The betting range starts at 0.06, making it ideal for penny rollers. Other bets include: 0.18, 0.60, 1.20, 2.25, 3.75, 5.40, 9.30, 12, 21, and the maximum of 30 units. The highest win you can score is 2,368 times the max bet which means you can score 71,040 units with a single spin!

If you want to enjoy galactic fishing on the go, then the great news is that the game supports iOS and Android mobile gaming. It takes 23 seconds at 3G speed to load on your portable device. The total download size is 12.8 MB, and the initial download size is 9.8 MB.

Golden Fish Granting 88 Wishes: Game Symbols

88 Frenzy Fortune Slot Review casino logo
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BetSoft developers kept things simple with 88 Frenzy Fortune symbols. There are just two types of characters: golden carps and eights. The best part is that you can combine any three symbols on your winning line to get paid. However, if you land the same types of characters on a single line, you'll get more money.

The following symbols are available: a single carp, two carps, silver 88s, golden 88s, and 88s on fire. Here's how their combinations pay out:

  • Any three symbols pay x1 the bet
  • Any three carps symbols pay x2 the bet
  • Any three 88 symbols pay x6 the bet
  • Three single carp symbols pay x6 the bet
  • Three two carps symbols pay x12.7 the bet
  • Three silver 88 symbols pay x22.7 the bet
  • Three golden 88 symbols pay x56 the bet
  • Three burning 88 symbols pay x296 the bet

Fourth Reel Frenzy Feature

The 88 Frenzy Fortune slot has no special mini-games, free spins features, or bonus stages. However, it offers the unique fourth reel that is active throughout every single spin. If you don't land three symbols in a row, the fourth reel bonus can not be applied.

The fourth reel’s premise is that whenever you land a win, you get a specific prize if you align it with a fourth-reel symbol. Prizes consist of mostly multipliers and respins. The fun thing is that multipliers can adhere to bet or win amounts. Here's what the fourth reel has to offer:

  1. Bet multipliers of 8x and 18x your current bet. The nice thing about the bet multipliers is that you still get to collect your winning prize on top of the multiplying bet.
  2. Win multipliers of 2x, 5x, and 8x.
  3. Respins with unique multipliers. Whenever you get a respin bonus, your winning line will hit yet again with a chance to multiply by 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x. You can also hit the respin bonus during the respin round. The maximum amount of respins is five on a triggering win.

This fourth reel highlighted in blue is a nifty addition to an otherwise plain slot (feature-wise). If you get lucky enough, you can get respin after respin on a high-value winning payline. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have a progressive multiplier mechanic to keep you motivated to land bigger prizes as time passes.

88 Frenzy Fortune Slot Review Canada Free Spins


BetSoft's most recent video slot addition keeps things simple yet exciting. The minimalist philosophy translates well on the canvas of galactic majesty, keeping you in awe while scoring some of the most lucrative multipliers out there. The lack of variety of symbols might bother some players, but the game philosophy applies well, thanks to the excellent design.

The 88 Frenzy Fortune slot might feel like a bizarre mixture of numbers, carps, and space, but the universe always finds a way to make things work. This is undoubtedly the case with this video slot, which will ensure you'll be entertained for hours thanks to its mesmerizing, lucrative game mechanics.


What is the average RTP of the 88 Frenzy Fortune slot?

The 88 Frenzy Fortune slot offers you a 96.% RTP.

How many paylines does the Frenzy Fortune slot have?

The 88 Frenzy Fortune slot has one fixed payline.

What’s the 88 Frenzy Fortune unique feature?

The special feature of the slot is the fourth extra reel that contains lucrative bet and wins multipliers as well as respin options.

Does the 88 Frenzy Fortune slot have a free spins feature?

It does, in a way. If you hit a respin feature on the extra reel during a winning payline, then you get a single free spin. However, during respin, you can hit an additional five respins, which makes it a total of 6 winning free spins per round.

What’s the 88 Fortune Frenzy biggest win?

The highest win you can score is 2368 times the max bet. That means you can score 71040 units with a single spin.

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