Starburst XXXtreme Slot Review

Starburst XXXtreme Slot Review

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It has been more than seven years since NetEnt launched its punters into space with their cult Starburst slot game. It was a beautiful-looking two-way slot that glossed space gems all over our screens like a supernova. Moreover, the original Starburst slot is still a favorite among thousands of slot games.

However, in 2021, NetEnt developed a space vessel that tops most of the space slots in our universe. This time, gamers go overdrive when betting and have the control of generating not one but two of the famous starburst wild symbols. However, space exploration now has money black holes lurking around unexplored, multiplying, and ever-expanding treasures.

And when we say multiplying and ever-expanding treasures, we mean it. The most slot prizes in our galaxy might feel like dwarf planets compared with Starburst super-giant in-game multipliers and combos.

So buckle up, ride through our slot review of Starburst XXXtreme, and get ready for some severe G forces. And we're talking about the Gs of hundreds of grands you can make on this Sci-Fi slot.

Starburst XXXtreme Appearance—a Cockpit to a Brighter Future

Starburst XXXtreme's dominant color scheme is a different story when compared with its original bluish model. Players will find themselves this time in a bright neon red cockpit with controls stylized in the same manner.

The background, looking from the ship's 'cabin,' is an outer space featuring two red planets, one partially revealed that we had the chance to meet in the original game. However, things have changed in this universe, and now we can see the newer, further away, Saturn-like planet.

You'll immediately recognize the slot's gem-like symbols glistering on almost invisible, minimalistic reels. All gems and other characters are smoothly animated when idling, and the occasional flares zooming by in the background will really make you feel like the captain of an extraterrestrial mission.

Starburst XXXtreme Slot Review Canada Symbols

Thankfully, this ship has music too. It is the famous, remastered Starburst theme that we all know. This 2013 Sci-Fi soundtrack will make old-school players feel like they brought the same old favorite MP3 USB tracklist that we listen to again and again during long road trips. 

However, everything changes when you decide to 'Activate XXXtreme Spins' and jump into hyperspace. Starburst XXXtreme's unique feature can be activated and deactivated whenever you like. Activating the extreme spins feature will transform the overall appearance and feel of the game. When the feature is on, the 'vessel' travels at the speed of light, leaving the default background behind and turning neighboring stars into red stripes at the sides of your screen.

Activating additional combos, multipliers, wilds, or scoring bigger prizes will make the screen even brighter, and animations will shake the reels like you're going through space turbulence. The sound effects will pump up and follow all these animations to amp up the atmosphere (though without oxygen).

That said, the slot is rather flashy and might even have shocking lights, so it is advisable to avoid this video slot if you have any epileptic issues. Other than that, you can enjoy your real-money or crypto casino gaming sessions with few problems.

Starburst XXXtreme Spaceship—How It Runs

This upgraded version of the space vessel differs from its original model. It is still the five reels and three rows slot with the same symbols, but it doesn't pay both ways this time. It still has fixed betting lines, but this time has nine instead of the original ten. Players don't have the option of selecting levels (the number of coins per betting line) but a solid bet.

Bet lines will now start from the leftmost reel and stretch across the screen to the right. You'll have the nine designated lines that will pay out, even though some paylines might be coincidental. What's great about the Starburst XXXtreme is that its famous star-shaped wild spreads across all three rows, so you can make multiple combos during your rolls.

Starburst XXXtreme Slot Review Canada Wilds

The betting range is comprehensive, with 0.1 being the lowest and 50 units being the highest. However, this can easily change when you activate the XXXtreme Spins feature, so read further to find out what we mean by that. The Starburst XXXtreme slot is a welcoming place for penny-rollers and high-rollers alike.

The volatility of the online slot is high. However, this will depend on your game style and whether or not you use the slot’s feature. If you play the game the old-school way, you'll get a solid RTP of 96.26%, and if you opt for the XXXtreme spins feature, you'll get a slightly higher RTP, around 96.45%. That means the combination of the two versions of the game will give you a percentage somewhere in between those two RTPs. 

Starburst XXXtreme Famous Shiny Gems

The complete set of original Starburst symbols is featured in the Starburst XXXtreme slot version. You'll find bright, colorful diamonds, gems, rubies, etc., glowing on your reels. The original slot has a simple minimum of three adjacent symbols in a row in order to pay out, and so does the updated version. Although, this time, only the first three leftmost characters count.

Here's what type of payout to expect for a 1 unit bet value when you play this sequel to the space odyssey:

  • Purple Rhomb symbol will pay you 0.5x, 1x, 3x
  • Blue Square symbol will pay you 0.5x, 1x, 3x
  • Orange Trapeze symbol will pay you 0.7x, 1.5x, 4x
  • Green Hexagon symbol will pay you 0.8x, 2x, 5x
  • Yellow Diamond symbol will pay you 1x, 2.5x, 6x
  • Seven (7) symbol will pay you 1.5x, 3x, 20x
  • BAR symbol will pay you 2.5x, 5x, 50x

The trademark Starburst wild symbol has the same role but is tweaked up a notch. It might show up on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reel and expand to cover the entire column. It acts as the joker to any of the symbols. However, this time the Starburst wild will grant you a random multiplier. Multiplier values go like this:

  • 2x
  • 3x
  • 5x
  • 10x
  • 25x
  • 50x
  • 100x
  • 150x

If you get more than one Starburst wild multiplier, the sum of all multipliers will be applied to your winning lines.

As is the case with the original Starburst slot, the trademark wild will also grant you a re-spin. During the re-spin, the wild symbols act as a sticky, so you won’t lose their benefits. If you get more Starburst characters on your reels during your re-spins, another re-spin will be added. The maximum number of re-spins is, therefore, three.

There are two ways you can trigger the colorful blazing star: by randomly spinning it on your reels or by activating the XXXtreme Spins feature.

XXXtreme Spins Feature — Wins Out of this Planet

Developers from NetEnt (the masterminds behind hits such as Gonzo's Quest) made sure that the two-way betting lines were replaced with something even better—the XXXtreme Spins feature. This feature elevates the bet and gameplay experiences. There are even two ways you can enjoy this feature, depending on your game style and the amount of money you're willing to invest.

XXXtreme Spins can be activated whenever you'd like to. The premise of the feature is that you'll be guaranteed either one or two Starburst wilds. Buying one Starburst wild will cost you 10 times your bet, while buying two costs 95x coins. Note that the feature will remain activated until you decide to deactivate it manually, on the same button you pressed earlier to activate it.

What's great about this feature is that you'll get one or two guaranteed 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reels covered in wilds that will automatically grant you multipliers that can go up to 150x each!

Starburst XXXtreme Slot Review Canada Special Feature

The cheapest you can play this is 1 unit for one Starburst wild and 9.5 units for two. However, the most expensive bet you can make stands at 4,750 units per spin!

Of course, as is the case with all Starburst wilds, you get a re-spin whenever you buy or draw a wild. That means you'll be, in fact, paying for two XXXtream spins anytime you bet. And what's best, you can get additional re-spins thanks to the 'wild' wilds that can appear during your feature game.

NetEnt claims that thanks to all in-game combos and multipliers, you can score prizes up to 200,000 coins!


NetEnt's superb software running behind the upgraded version of the popular Starburst slot is a definite eye-candy. It is a remake worthy of its descendant. It takes all the recognizable assets of the original and improves them, marrying the original with an exciting and game-changing XXXtreme Spins feature.

Yes, there is no two-way line betting anymore, but players can now get the best multipliers currently in the marketplace. With its smooth gameplay, excellent graphics, animations, and soundtrack, this slot will make you entertained for days and months. And, thanks to its great inclusion of the well-developed feature game, Starburst XXXtreme feels like it might cross 12 parsecs of the Kessel run in no time!


What is the average RTP of the Starburst XXXtreme slot?

The Starburst XXXtreme slot offers you a 96.26% RTP if you play it without the XXXtreme Spins feature and an average RTP of 96.45% if you activate it. The combined playstyle will vary between the two numbers.

How many paylines does the Starburst XXXtreme slot have?

The Starburst XXXtreme slot has 9 fixed paylines, one line less than the prior.

What’s the volatility of the Starburst XXXtreme slot?

The Starburst XXXtreme slot offers you a high volatility slot experience.

What’s the difference between Starburst and Starburst XXXtreme?

Starburst XXXtreme is a sequel to the excellent 2013 original Starburst video slot. However, the newer game has one less betting line, ditches the two-way bet lines, but adds massive multipliers, advanced graphics, soundtracks, and innovative XXXtreme Spins feature in a respectful manner.

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