Treasure Tiger Slot Review

Treasure Tiger Slot Review

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Here's a KA Gaming slot that will favor everybody that likes the Chinese zodiac, whether they are born in the year of the tiger or just want to make the most out of 2022.

This slot went online in January this year, just in time to help punters prepare for the Chinese New Year in February.

Keep in mind that the Treasure Tiger slot shouldn't be confused with the Tiger Treasures slot from Pragmatic Play. The resemblance is purely coincidental.

Either way, there's no doubt Asian players will enjoy it and prefer this game more than other video slots this year. However, does this slot have what it takes to compete with other slots launched in this time and age? Read our Treasure Tiger video slot review to find out!

Treasure Tiger Slot Overall Appearance

Treasure Tiger is heavily influenced by Chinese astrology. You'll spin five three-rowed reels and hope to land golden tigers. Doing so can really make your day (or even your year).


During the base game, you'll spin these classic reels set on a flamboyant red background. The five reels are in a pagoda-like frame and have standard card symbols mixed with oriental animals.

We must say that the background seems to be the most pleasant aesthetic of the slot. It features tree-like silhouettes bathed in sunset red, perfectly suitable for something inspired by Chinese folklore.

The art style for the slot symbols is somewhat cartoony yet still feels traditional. Although many things are going on color-wise, it won't distract you from the overall aesthetic.

When you trigger special games like free spins and Dragon Ball multipliers, the background color changes into blue and yellow.

Interestingly, we felt like the slot was lacking in tigers. Namely, given that it's called Tiger Treasure, the most common symbol on the reels was the dragon. You'll get a lot of dragon characters, including Dragon Ball scatters, which we felt were out of place, given the theme focuses on the biggest cat in the world.

Treasure Tiger Slot Payout

The Treasure Tiger video slot is a five-reel-by-three-row 2022 game from KA Gaming. It offers 243 fixed paylines, one free spins feature, and a sticky scatter wager multiplier mini-game.

Only the same adjacent symbols or wilds from the leftmost to the rightmost reel will pay out, including the Gong scatters that trigger the free spins feature. The only exception is the Dragon Ball sticky scatters that trigger the Dragon Ball feature when six of them show up anywhere on your reels.

Strangely enough, there isn't a default average RTP for this slot, so check with your online casinos what RTP percentage they offer.

This is a high-to-medium volatility video slot, so expect fewer wins but big rewards the longer you play the game.

This slot has an unusual fixed bet range. Every wager is connected to the number 8, as Chinese folklore favors this number. The Chinese pronunciation of the number 8 sounds similar to the word luck, wealth, and abundance, so developers implemented this into the bet range.

Nevertheless, we thought the bet range starting at 0.88 units feels a bit steep and that this slot won't favor penny rollers. Mid rollers and high rollers might find this video slot interesting as the highest you can stake is 88 units per spin.

There aren't any in-game jackpots but the Dragon Ball feature. Unfortunately, there's no information on the highest you can score on this slot in a single spin.

If you press and hold the spin button long enough, you'll get to the auto-spin menu. You can choose between 25, 50, 100, 200, and infinite amounts of auto spins. The infinite option is a nice touch. That way, you don’t need to watch the counter and reload the spins.

There's no turbo spin mode in options, but you can hold the spacebar if you want your reels to turn faster when not in auto spin mode.

The game will work on both iOS and Android interfaces, making it compatible with mobile casinos. Treasure Tiger will work in landscape and portrait mode, although we had some complications with the landscape mode when testing the game on our iPhone.

Treasure Tiger Slot Symbols

Treasure Tiger Slot Review casino logo
Start playing and claim
C$2,500 & 250 Free Spins

You'll encounter three types of symbols when spinning this Tiger's reels.

Low-Value Symbols

These six characters are the classic casino slot symbols of jacks and dames. You'll need a minimum of three to collect from the leftmost to the rightmost reel. These symbols won't show during the Free Game feature.

High-Value Symbols

There are five types of higher-value symbols. These require a minimum of three from the leftmost to the rightmost reel to pay you. They are represented by traditional Chinese items concerning the Chinese New Year celebration. These symbols show up on your reels during the Free Game feature.

Unique Symbols

Three specialized characters can show up on your reels. Some of them activate unique features, other substitute symbols, or act as stickies under certain conditions.

  • Gong scatter symbol activates the Free Game feature. You'll need a minimum of three adjacent Gong scatters from the leftmost to the rightmost reel to win ten free spins.
  • Tiger Mouth Wild symbol is a substitute for any other character but scatters and Dragon Balls.
  • Dragon Ball symbols activate the Dragon Ball feature and turn into stickies if you collect six or more anywhere on your reels during a single spin. Each of these symbols has its own value, ranging from 1x to 500x bet multipliers.

Treasure Tiger Slot Features

Treasure Tiger Slot Review casino logo
Start playing and claim
C$2,500 & 250 Free Spins

This is a straightforward slot with five reels and three rows that can have wilds, stickies, and scatters that trigger special rewards.

We thought the Dragon Ball sticky multiplier feature was the most exciting feature, although it is not the main attraction. Here's how all of these features work.

The Free Game

Treasure Tiger Free Spins

Ah, yes–the Free Game. In other words, this is the free spins feature you will be looking for, although it's called the free game here.

You can trigger this feature when landing three or more Gong scatters that can appear anywhere on your reels.

However, there's a catch. You'll need to land them on the three or more adjacent reels, from left to right. As if landing scatters wasn't tricky enough.

And if we say that scatters land more often on this already tight slot, then we don't like the idea of taking three or four spots in vain on our reels and not triggering the feature.

Alas, when you advance to the free spins—erm, free game— feature, your background turns yellow, and you get ten free spins without the low-value symbols. Free spins can't be retriggered.

Gong scatters also award you when collected from the leftmost to the rightmost reel. For the bet amount of 0.88, you get 4.44 (three symbols), 8.88 (four symbols), 44.4  (five symbols) units.

The Dragon Ball Feature

Treasure Tiger Dragon Ball Free Spins

Yes, you read that right. This tiger is at serious risk of Copyright Action Z. Whenever you land more than six (no, not seven) Dragon Ball scatters anywhere on your reels, you trigger the feature.

Every Dragon Ball scatter carries a certain amount of multipliers. They can range from 1x to 500x.

The initial Dragon Balls will stick to your reels and award you three free spins. However, the goal this time is to collect as many new sticky Dragon Balls as possible. Landing an additional Dragon Ball on a free space on your reels will restart the free spin counter to three.

Whenever you fill all the spaces or lose your free spins, the multipliers from the collected Dragon Balls will apply to your wager amount and turn into a cash prize.

Treasure Tiger Slot Review: Our Conclusion

That concludes our thoughts on the Treasure Tiger video slot. This is a game with little beyond a few features to attract players. Yes, there’s the Dragon Ball feature with sticky scatter multipliers that can multiply your wager up to 500x. However, we didn't feel it was worth your time. To be fair, the game has two bonuses, so together, they’re more enticing. Why does the Treasure Tiger slot have a Dragon Ball feature, anyway?

We also don't like the fact that there's no information regarding the RTP and maximum win amount you can score in this game. Another annoying thing is that scatters—famous in slots for paying wherever they land—need to align from left to right to activate free spins.

Overall, there are better games out there. Although it's still the year of the Tiger, you might find tons of better slots produced in this very year. That said, if you’re a fan of the theme, you’ll get a kick out of it. If not, then maybe you can find another game.

Treasure Tiger Slot FAQ

What is the average RTP of the Treasure Tiger game slot?

The Treasure Tiger slot doesn't list its RTP, so it's best to contact your online casino about it.

How many paylines does the Treasure Tiger slot have?

The Treasure Tiger slot has 243 fixed bet lines.

What's the volatility of the Treasure Tiger slot?

The Treasure Tiger slot offers you a medium to high volatility slot experience.

What's the Treasure Tiger slot's unique feature?

The unique feature of the slot is the Dragon Ball sticky scatter multipliers that triggers when you collect six Dragon Balls on your reels.

What's the highest you can score on the Treasure Tiger slot?

It's unknown what's the highest you can score with a single spin on Treasure Tiger.

Does the Treasure Tiger slot have a free spins feature?

Yes, you get 10 free spins whenever you align three Gong scatters from the leftmost to the rightmost reel.

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