Queen of Gold Slot Review

Queen of Gold Slot Review

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“Great, yet another Egyptian-themed slot,” one might think. However, Queen of Gold may just be the twist you’ve been yearning for whenever playing these kinds of slots. Thanks to its innovative, progressive feature combined with a specialized multiplying reel, Pragmatic Play’s Queen of Gold stands out from its ancient competitors.

The sniping mechanism that progresses your game into, literally, a next-level gaming experience will turn your slot routine into a different animal. Thanks to the slot’s clever spinning premise, gamers will feel like they are handling two different casino games while going against the spinning clock. Read further to learn about this slot’s philosophy and see how to make your spins “reelly” count.

Queen of Gold’s Presentation

The Queen’s appearance on your screen shines gold all over. You’ll be greeted with a small tutorial on how to play the game if you’ll be accessing it for the first time. The slot plays with five reels and three rows that pay via 25 lines. However, the first two unusual things you’ll notice are the golden circle showing up on your reels and the sixth specialized reel on the right.

Queen of Gold Slot Review Canada Symbols

The sixth additional reel has no Queen of Gold symbols but numbers of multipliers. It is a gold-encrusted, obelisk-like column containing five rows, with the center being the designating one. This independent column offers various multipliers that will enhance your winning line if you score one.

As soon as the game loads, you’ll be greeted with a fitting soundtrack straight out of an adventure of Indiana Jones. It’s a soundtrack with a simple, slow theme that becomes grander as time passes by. The soundtrack will change in intensity according to gameplay pace whenever you advance through the levels.

The Queen of Gold’s pleasant background features pyramids in the blazing sunset and a few Egyptian barges floating on what’s presumably the river Nile. All in all, typical imagery for Egypt-themes slot games (such as Book of Egypt, for example.

As is the case with the soundtrack, the scene changes parallel to your game progression. As you go through six levels, you’ll find yourself in mystical rooms and hallways of pyramids and finally end up in a room full of gold, just like an ancient explorer.

Pragmatic Play’s Pragmatic Plays

Pragmatic Play made sure to equip you with an excellent info section and paytable, and with a settings menu that can customize your stay at the pyramids to the fullest. For instance, you can select to turn on and off the sound FX or soundtracks, or even both if you’d like. If you are a busy player, you can turn on the Quick Spin feature to save time when playing the game.

Under the settings section or whenever you access the slot for the first time, you can select the intro screen to show up or not the next time you open the game. But perhaps the best thing in the settings bar is that you can activate the Battery Saver option that will reduce the animations and keep your smartphone or laptop energy consumption at the lowest. The slot’s mobile version works seamlessly, and the Battery Saver function sweetens the deal.

This Queen of Gold Isn’t a Gold-Digger

At the bottom of your reels, you’ll see the primary spinning “lever” and an option for autoplay selection. You’ll read that you can hold space for turbo spins and click – and + icons for adjusting your coin value.

The minimum coin value is 0.01, which translates into a minimum bet of 0.25 units. The maximum coin value is 0.50, which translates into a 125-unit maximum bet. The slot has 25 fixed paylines, and you can place a maximum of 10 coins on each payline during your spins.

The Queen of Gold online slot is a medium-volatility game with an RTP of 96.5%. That’s why the vast combination of coin ranges combined with staking paylines can play a significant role when planning your ultimate strategy for this medium-volatility slot. The game pays out for the minimum of three adjacent symbols aligned from the leftmost reel to the fifth right reel.

Queen of Gold’s Ancient Servant Symbols

There are 7 paying and 2 specialized characters that can show up on your reels. You’ll need to align three or more symbols from the leftmost reel with a scoring payline. Only the highest-winning payline will be paid to players.

Here’s how 7 paying symbols compare when aligned from the lowest to the highest winnings in coins (with a coin size of 0.25):

  • Q symbol pays: 3 – 0.05, 4 – 0.1, 5 – 0.2
  • K symbol pays: 3 – 0.05, 4 – 0.1, 5 – 0.3
  • A symbol pays: 3 – 0.05, 4 – 0.1, 5 – 0.4
  • Bastet, catlike symbol pays: 3 – 0.1, 4 – 0.2, 5 – 1
  • Set, doglike symbol pays: 3 – 0.15, 4 – 0.3, 5 – 1.5
  • Horus, eaglelike symbol pays: 3 – 0.15, 4 – 0.3, 5 – 1.5
  • Queen of Gold, Cleopatra symbol pays: 3 – 0.2, 4 – 0.4, 5 – 2

The slot also sports two types of specialized characters. The first character is the Sphinx head above the wild sign, which substitutes all symbols except for the bonus. The second one is the blue pyramid spelling BONUS at its bottom. It can show up only on your first, third, and fifth reel and awards you with ten free spins.

Bonus Multipliers

As you probably saw, Queen of Gold’s symbols don’t have the most significant payouts. However, that’s where the slot’s sixth bonus reel comes into play. On this reel, you can find the numbers of how many times your winning line will be multiplied.

Queen of Gold Slot Review Canada Symbols

Numbers start with x1 on your first level of the game and can later advance all the way up to x100. As you progress through these levels, the lowest multipliers will be replaced by newer and bigger ones.

If you want to advance to the next level, you’ll need to snipe the queen symbols showing up on five regular reels. You can select a spot on reels and hope for a queen symbol to show on the exact location. After the spin over, you can select a different spot. You have 25 spins to snipe five queen points in order to progress to the next level.

Whenever you progress to the next level, the slot will replace the lowest multipliers with the biggest for that level. Your soundtrack and background will also change as you go up to the sixth and final level called Super.

If you manage to get to the final level, 6x will be the lowest multiplier you’ll have, and 100x will be the highest. However, your game will reset to the first level if you fail to collect 5 queen points within your 25 spin frame. If you snipe five more queens at your final level, your free spins will reset to 25.

Queens can show up once per reel every turn. You can change the spot of the golden sniping circle after each spin is finished. That’s why you shouldn’t play this slot with auto-plays as much as you normally would.

Predicting where the next queen symbol will land each spin and hoping to collect five to advance further is what keeps you entertained. Not to mention that multipliers in the late game can significantly boost your gains and justify the otherwise small symbol payouts.

However, you don’t need to panic if you fail to collect five queens and your spins are running low. You can rely on the joker symbol that can appear on your multiplier reel. If you get the joker, you’ll immediately advance to the next level, no matter the number of queens you’ve collected.

When hunting for queens, a thing to keep in mind is that bonus symbols triggering ten free spins bonus will not help you snipe more queens. When the free spins bonus is activated, you’ll get the chance to collect regular prizes multiplied on that level without collecting queens. Finally, remember that whenever you change your coin value, all your level-up progress will reset to the default first level.


There are tons of Egyptian-themed slots out there. Nowadays, you can even find Leprechauns exploring ancient Egypt. Eye of Horus, Book of Dead, Cleopatra, Valley of the Gods are just some of the names. However, the progressive multiplying level-ups of the Queen of Gold are one of the most entertaining game mechanics out on the banks of river Nile.

Yes, the coin payout may be small, but reaching the higher levels makes this Queen more than generous. You’ll enjoy the hunting experience, racing against the clock, and ditching the lowest level bonuses as your spins progress while your bankroll gets fatter and fatter. That’s why you should give this Egyptian slot a try next time you come across it on your slot exploration adventure.


What is the average RTP of the Queen of Gold game slot?

The Queen of Gold slot offers you an average RTP of 96.5%.

What’s the volatility of Queen of Gold?

Queen of Gold is a medium-volatility slot.

What’s the Queen of Gold’s unique feature?

The Queen of Gold slot has a unique feature of sniping five queen symbols during 25 spins to advance you to the upper bonus levels. The higher the level, the higher win multipliers you’ll find.

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