Old Fellow Slot Review

Old Fellow Slot Review

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If you like gems and mines incorporated into a video slot, then developers from Stakelogic and Hurricane got your back. You’ll roll the reels and mining carts all the way to the deepest pockets of Californian mountains.

But are there any gems left at the end of the Old Fellow slot tunnels? Will you dig for precious prizes, or will you end up all worked up for nothing? Read our slot review to find out!

Old Fellow Slot Design – Where a Million Diamonds Shine

If you like mining-themed games with lots of gems and some blues on the side, then you’ll enjoy the Old Fellow slot’s design. This well-designed game won’t feel claustrophobic even though you delve into the Free Spins feature mine.


Although the mining setting might typically assume a gloomy and dark appearance, the Old Fellow online slot game finds a way to make this game seem bright and cheerful. The joyfulness is thanks to the beautifully drawn wild characters that accompany your reels.

The background of the reels is animated well. You’ll see carts rolling up and down, lanterns and ropes swinging as you spin, and lizards gazing at your wins all in front of the sunny mine’s adit.

Whenever you advance to the Free Spins feature, you’ll go through the mine shaft and spin the same reels in a well-lit mine tunnel, hoping to land sticky wilds and high-paying colorful gems, crystals, and rubies.


There are two different soundtracks. They are both inspired by country blues melodies. They sound excellent and fit the slot nicely. The bonus game music is a bit faster and feels more hectic than the base game, as it should be. It suits the thrill of going through special slot or casino bonuses.

The music won’t feel repetitive, nor will it annoy you after playing for a while. The sound effects go well with the theme and bring a lot of hitting, bursting, clanking, and banjo-playing as you land reel combinations.

However, what’s interesting is that the sound effects to be louder than music. There’s no option to adjust the volume capacity. That may be more of a when-you-notice-it-you-won’t-stop-thinking-about-it thing. Luckily, you can toggle sound effects off and on whenever you feel like it.

Old Fellow Slot Review Canada: Symbols

Old Fellow Slot Payout – Deep Pocket Mines

The Old Fellow game is a five-by-four reels video slot from Stakelogic and Hurricane. It was released at the end of 2021 and offers you not-so-great 20 fixed lines to land winning combinations. The slot pays winning combinations from the leftmost to the rightmost reel.

The Old Fellow slot is a high-volatility game that can provide a solid but variable RTP of 95.60%. The RTP can vary as follows: 95.60%, 93.60%, 90.05%, or 88.08%.

A slot with an RTP below 96% doesn’t seem that promising. Keep in mind that whenever a slot offers a variable RTP, you need to check the actual RTP value at the casino before playing. If an online casino doesn’t provide it, you should ask customer service.

The bet range is suitable for penny and mid-rollers. It has a minimum of 0.20 units and a somewhat disappointing maximum of 20 units. Perhaps this is because you get the option to buy the free spins feature for x10 your stake and because you can gamble your wins.

The gamble option offers you a chance to double and quadruple (or lose) your gains every time you win. There are no in-game jackpots, but the maximum you can hit per spin during the Free Spins feature is a whopping 50,000x the bet.

There are options for turbo spins and auto spins. You can even adjust auto spins to infinite numbers, and you can preset your losses and wins limits. Other settings include the Max Bet shortcut and options for toggling sounds and the gamble feature on or off.

The slot works on portable smart devices in mobile casinos. It can run on iOS and Android tablets and phones and works fine in portrait and landscape mode. However, we had many problems starting up the game. It took us several days until we could play it on our desktops and portable devices, and we’re not sure what the reason for that was.

Old Fellow Slot Symbols – Friendly Companions

The Old Fellow slot offers three types of symbols. You’ll spin reels with low-paying, high-paying, and unique characters at your disposal. Depending on the game mode you’re currently playing, special symbols’ abilities vary. Here’s how these symbols affect your play.

Low-Paying Symbols

Five familiar slot low-paying symbols occupy your reels. These are the most common characters you’ll get. You’ll need a minimum of three adjacent symbols from the leftmost to the rightmost reels to get paid. Here’s how they multiply your bet:

  • Blue 10 symbol: 3 – 0.25x, 4 – 1.25x, 5 – 3.75x
  • Teal J symbol: 3 – 0.25x, 4 – 1.25x, 5 – 3.75x
  • Brown Q symbol: 3 – 0.50x, 4 – 2.50x, 5 – 5x
  • Purple K symbol: 3 – 0.50x, 4 – 2.50x, 5 – 5x
  • Red A symbol: 3 – 0.50x, 4 – 2.50x, 5 – 5x

High-Paying Symbols

There are five high-paying gem-like symbols in play. You’ll need a minimum of three adjacent symbols from the leftmost to the rightmost reels to get paid. Here’s how they multiply your bet:

  • Blue Gem symbol: 3 – 0.75x, 4 – 5x, 5 – 20x
  • Teal Gem symbol: 3 – 0.75x, 4 – 5x, 5 – 20x
  • Yellow Gem symbol: 3 – 1x, 4 – 7.50x, 5 – 25x
  • Purple Gem symbol: 3 – 1x, 4 – 7.50x, 5 – 25x
  • Red Gem symbol: 3 – 1.25x, 4 – 10x, 5 – 37.50x

Unique Symbols

There are two types of unique symbols on the Old Fellow slot. The first is a mine cart filled with gems scatter symbol that can show up on all reels. The scatter can trigger the bonus game and can pay you. You don’t need them to form a winning line.

Here’s how scatters multiply your bet: 2 – 2x, 3 – 5x, 4 – 25x, 5 – 500x

Three or more scatters will trigger 12 free spins. A greater number than three scatters doesn’t affect the number of free spins.

The second unique symbol is the wild symbol. Five different characters represent them. They can appear on each of your reels and will act as a substitute for any other symbol, but the scatter. If more than one wild forms a winning line, they’ll multiply your bet in this manner

This is how the Wild symbol multiplies your wager: 2 – 0.25x, 3 – 2.50x, 4 – 12.50x, 5 – 75x

Old Fellow Slot Review Canada Paytable

However, when you advance to the free spins feature, wilds will become stickies and multipliers. If you collect each of the five different character wilds during the bonus game, you’ll get 5 more free spins. More on how the feature works in the following section.

Old Fellow Slot Features

The Old Fellow slot seems to be a straightforward game. It has the limited Gamble feature, the good ol’ Free Spins feature that can be bought whenever and that offers more mini-features at your disposal. Here’s how each of these features plays out.

Gamble Feature

The unique “gem” of the Old Fellow slot is its Gamble feature. Whenever you hit a winning line, you’ll get the chance to make it double or nothing. If you feel lucky enough to test this feature, you could make your bet multiple times bigger than it was in the first place.

After a win, you’ll get a face-down of 52-deck cards. You can bet on whether it’s red or black, or in what suit the next card will appear. If you guess the color of the cards, you’ll double the win. If you guess right whether it’s a spade, club, heart, or diamond card, you quadruple your winnings.

Whenever you guess right, you can still continue guessing, thus doubling or quadrupling your current win. However, there is a limit you can stake for each bet amount. Remember, if you guess wrong, you lose everything, including your initial winnings.

You can trace the card history in the control panel below during this game. You can also mix your bets. For instance, you can bet on colors and after take your chance with guessing suits during a single winning streak.

Free Spins Feature

Whenever you land three or more scatter symbols on your reels, you’ll be awarded 12 free spins. It doesn’t matter how many scatters you collect, you always end up with 12 free spins.

The bonus game will take into the mines of the Old Fellow slot, where you’ll get a chance to spin with specialized wilds. During this feature, you can land wilds that stick onto your reels and multiply your wins.

Whenever a wild sticks to one of the reels, it will stay there until the end of the feature. You can amass up to four wilds per reel. Each time you get additional wild on a single reel, it will add a multiplying value. In other words, you can get 4x multiplier wilds per reel.

There are five different characters representing wilds. A raccoon shows up on the first reel, a dog on the second, a donkey on the third, a cowgirl on the fourth, and, finally, the old fellow himself on the fifth. If you make them all appear across reels, you get 5 more free spins.

If you are the kind of punter that hates waiting for the feature, then you can buy it whenever you like. The price of the feature is 10x the bet amount. Purchasing the feature guarantees a minimum of three scatters to show up on your reels in the next turn.

However, you can easily land more than three scatters when you buy the feature. More than three scatters will give you instant payouts. If you hit the maximum of x50,000 your bet during the Free Spins feature, the feature stops and takes you back to the base game.

Old Fellow Slot Review Canada Free Spins

Old Fellow Slot Review: Conclusion

We developed a love-hate relationship with the Old Fellow slot. It is a beautifully designed slot and offers an impressive biggest hit of 50,000x the bet. There’s a “buy feature” option you can access at any time, and you get to test your luck with the gamble feature further.

However, we had many problems booting up this game, and we’re still not sure whose fault it is. The RTP is variable and offers a below-average experience. The feature didn’t feel like it was rewarding, especially if we bought it.

Furthermore, this slot doesn’t offer many features or unique symbols. You can access sticky, multiplying wilds only during the bonus game. It feels like the carefully designed wild characters go to waste during the base game.

Nevertheless, if you like well-designed, mining-inspired slots that don’t offer complicated gameplay, then you’ll enjoy it. Maybe we didn’t have enough luck, or our feature cravings weren’t satisfied enough, and your experience may differ.


What is the average RTP of the Old Fellow game slot?

The Old Fellow slot offers you a variable RTP of 95.60%, 93.60%, 90.05%, or 88.08%.

How many paylines does the Old Fellow slot have?

The Old Fellow slot has 20 fixed bet lines.

What’s the volatility of the Old Fellow slot?

The Old Fellow slot offers you a high volatility slot experience.

What’s the highest you can win on the Old Fellow slot?

With a single spin, the maximum amount you can get is a whopping 50,000x the bet.

Does the Old Fellow slot have a free spins feature?

Yes, it does. You advance to a 12-free-spin bonus game whenever you get three minecart scatters to show up simultaneously on your reels.

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