Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Slot Review

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Slot Review

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If you like slots inspired by the ancient South American culture, then you've come to the right place. This late 2020 High 5 Gaming video slot offers you tons of treasures hidden behind expanding reels and mystic wilds.

However, can the Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot offer you new content amidst the sea of other ancient-inspired slots? Will the bobby traps lurking around this slot yield enough excitement for your adventurous spirit? Read our review further to find out!

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Slot Design

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Slot Review casino logo
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C$750 & 200 Free Spins

The Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot is inspired by Native South/Central American ornaments, mythology, and characters. If you like movies like Indiana Jones and The Road to El Dorado, the ways of this slot won't feel so mysterious to you.


The Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways video slot is a well-designed slot that offers more than it might seem at first glance. You'll start your journey through the Mystic Ways with six reels and four rows but will end it with who-knows-how-many rows!

Thanks to the intriguing expanding reels, every spin at this slot feels like an exploration of a forgotten Mayan temple.

The game's dominant color is deep jungle green which will turn into gold whenever you access the free spins feature.

However, we noticed a flaw when spinning the reels of the Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot. Namely, because of the expanding reels, the game's characters seem too tiny and hard to distinguish compared to other slots. The fact that many symbols are of an identical color (gold) doesn’t help, either.

Unfortunately, we felt that this issue could've been tackled better, especially considering all the unused space on the side of the reels.

After playing for a while, you might get used to the symbol size. However, if you are a player with not-so-excellent eyesight, then you'll feel like Gulliver playing with Lilliputians’ coins.

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Symbols

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Slot Payout

The Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways online slot game is a six-reel, four-to-ten-row video slot from High 5 Games. It was released at the end of 2020, and it offers a default of 4,096 paylines that can expand to a whopping 1,000,000!

The slot's RTP is 96%, and it offers a high-variance experience. Patience is the key when it comes to playing this game. Sometimes you'll feel like only a quarter of your gains pays off.

However, thanks to the expanding reels in the Way Out Ways feature, you'll get a chance to combine with lots of paying characters and three-times sticky wilds that will boost your chances of hitting successive winning combos.

The minimum you can stake on this slot is 0.20 units, and the maximum is 100 units. Given this slot's high variance, penny rollers might run out of fuel fairly quickly. Mid and high rollers might find this slot interesting, though.

The Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot doesn't offer any jackpots whatsoever. The maximum amount you can win during a single spin is 10,205x the current bet. The most significant wins you'll get will be from the free spins feature.

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Slot Symbols

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Slot Review casino logo
Start playing and claim
C$750 & 200 Free Spins

There are three types of symbols you can land on the reels of the Mystic Ways slot. The first two sets are low and high-paying symbols. The third set is special symbols that trigger or are triggered by a feature.

Low-Paying Symbols

You'll spin the reels with five different golden coins representing low-paying symbols. These are depicted with golden coins of different shapes. However, you'll have problems distinguishing between them, which can sometimes be confusing.

You'll need a minimum of three adjacent symbols from the leftmost to the rightmost reel to get paid.

Higher-Paying Symbols

Four high-value symbols can show up on your reels. As with lower-paying symbols, these are also difficult to distinguish. They assume the shape of the heads of Native Central/South American characters on golden coins.

Unique Symbols

There are three unique symbols in the game that can sometimes be combined. The first is the sticky base-game wild, which activates whenever you expand a reel three times upwards or down.

These wilds will stick on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5 and stay there for three rounds. If a bonus scatter lands behind them, they'll make a wild-scatter combination that sticks for whatever the number of rounds that wild has left.

If you trigger wilds during the free spins feature, then triggered wilds will stick to the reels as long as the feature works. You can also land a sticky wild-scatter combination in the bonus game.

The second special symbol you can land is the scatter. It is represented by a blue gem and can only appear on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. Whenever you land three scatters, you get 18 free spins, and whenever you land four scatters, you get 25 free spins. Three scatters during the bonus game give you additional 2 spins, and 4 scatters give 3 spins.

The final unique symbol is the purple arrows that point in what direction a reel will expand. They can point up or down. They are designated with numbers 1, 2, or 3, indicating how many slots the reel will open up or down.

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Symbols

The purple arrow symbols don’t have any value but are the key to the Way Out Ways feature. Read the following section to learn everything about them.

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Slot Bonus Features 

There are three major features to play with at the Mystic Ways slot. You'll get a chance to activate free spins, expand reels with Way Out Ways, and trigger sticky wilds and scatters during the base and bonus games. These lucrative bonuses can pay off big time, but you have to earn them.

Way Out Ways Feature

Perhaps the slot's most exciting and attractive feature is its Way Out Ways feature. You'll start your session with six reels with four rows at your disposal. However, you'll notice three more hidden slots located up and below the four default reel slots.

As you spin, chances are you'll get specialized purple arrow symbols to show up on your reels. Each of these arrows is directed up or down and has a designated number from one to three.

Whenever a one-way arrow shows up on one of your reels, it means you'll get to expand the reel in the direction of the arrow symbol, times whatever number it has. For instance, if you get an arrow facing upwards with a number 2, then you'll expand that reel for two slots above in the following spin.

Keep in mind that if one reel gets expanded, it doesn't mean the other will as well. However, all symbols from the expanded reel will be accounted for, making a potential winning line.

The Way Out Ways feature is why the Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot offers a minimum of 4,096 and a ludicrous maximum of over one million winning combinations.

If you're lucky, you can expand each reel to a whopping 10 rows! Keep in mind that a single arrow symbol on a single reel contributes to that reel only and not others.

However, you won't get to keep all of those expanded reels for long. As long as you hit winning combos, you'll be alright. However, the second you spin without a win, the expanded slots will go back one place in reverse.

All additional rows will stay open whenever you hit a win, regardless of them contributing to the winning line or not. You can also get two arrow symbols facing opposite directions on a single reel during a single spin.

Sticky Wilds Feature

You activate a sticky wild symbol whenever you reach one of the 12 gem-like hearts positioned above and below your reels. The sticky wild symbol can only be generated on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. They will randomly appear on one of those reels. However, you can't have two wilds on a single reel.

Thanks to a million ways to form a winning line, the wild positioning on a reel won't be an issue. That said, they will always appear on the original four rows of the game. Wilds stay on the reels for three spins in the base game and stick until the end of the bonus rounds if triggered in the free spins feature.

Free Spins Feature

You trigger the free spins feature whenever you land three or four scatter symbols. Three scatters award 18 free spins, and four give you 25. Scatters appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and only. You advance to a golden setting whenever the free spins feature kicks in. The music will change into a more dynamic track, and you'll get to test your 18 or 25 free spins.

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Free Spins

Paying symbols and reels will remain the same but wilds will stick to your reels until the bonus round finishes. Wild-scatter combinations are also available. Three additional scatters award you two more spins, and four scatters give you three more spins. The best part of bonus rounds is that the Way Out Ways feature upgrades. In other words, whenever you open additional reel slots, they'll stay open throughout the whole bonus game.

We found the free spins feature to be the primary source of income. Unfortunately, you won't get many chances to play it. It is fairly hard to land three or more scatters in the bonus game, even though they can combine with sticky wilds.

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Slot: Our Conclusion 

Despite the slot's great dangers and tiny sprites, we found the Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways game exciting and enticing.

We thoroughly enjoyed the slot's clever reel design that turns each spin into a unique round. And once you get to the free spins feature, you'll feel like you just discovered an Aztec fortune.

However, despite all the action appearing on the screen, landing wins in this slot is harder than it seems. The slot is highly volatile, and the bonus feature won't come as often as we felt it should.

All in all, if you have the budget for this adventure, then definitely try the Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot. If nothing, it’s worth experiencing for the intriguing reel dynamic.

Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways Slot FAQ

What is the average RTP of the Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways game slot?

The Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot offers you a solid RTP of 96% straight.

How many paylines does the Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot have?

The Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot has 4,096 to over a million bet lines depending on the number of reel rows you get per round.

What's the highest you can score on the Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot?

The maximum amount you can get with a single spin is 10,205x the bet.

Does the Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways slot have a free spins feature?

Yes, it does. You advance to 18 or 25 free spins bonus game whenever you get three or four scatters to show up simultaneously on your reels.

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