Jogo do Bicho Slot Review

Jogo do Bicho Slot Review

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If you’re looking for an unusual game that’s like a slot, you’re at the right place. Jogo do Bicho is ideal for players who want something new and different. It’s also perfect for those who wish to have fun and win money. Namely, this game can pay up to 17,000 times your bet! 

However, you need to know how it works to win it. Jogo do Bicho is very different from other slot and lottery games. For instance, it offers many betting possibilities and has a unique payout system. But despite that fact, you’ll have an easy time playing it once you understand its functions and payouts. 

Design & Topic

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Jogo do Bicho is an animal-themed game set in the jungle. Since it’s not a typical slot game, it has no reels. Instead, there are five wooden boxes and a display with animals next to them. The animals range from cats and chickens to lions and snakes. In total, there are 25 of them, and all have a specific number and a value. 

The display on the right side shows your betting choices (or the animals you’re betting on). You’ll also find the betting options at the top and other buttons at the bottom. In addition, there’s a question mark sign in the upper right-hand corner. Clicking on it shows you the paytable, rules, and payouts.

Jogo do Bicho RTP & Volatility

The Jogo do Bicho game has an RTP of 94% and a high volatility level. Therefore, you’ll probably have to wait for a big win. However, patient players will benefit from this game as long as they have the budget for it. The most you can win on Jogo do Bicho is 17,000 times your bet. 

Bet Size & Betting Possibilities

The minimum bet available on Jogo do Bicho is 1.0, while the maximum wager is 100 credits. The bet setting option is located at the bottom of the screen, next to the play button. As a result, you’ll have an easy time playing this game. 

However, before placing a real-money bet, you should learn about Jogo do Bicho betting possibilities. Namely, this game features a lottery system. So, the point is to pick a combination of animals or numbers that will win in the next round. As mentioned earlier, there are 25 animals:

  • Ostrich 
  • Eagle 
  • Donkey
  • Butterfly
  • Dog
  • Goat
  • Sheep 
  • Camel
  • Snake 
  • Rabbit 
  • Horse 
  • Elephant
  • Rooster 
  • Cat 
  • Alligator
  • Lion
  • Monkey
  • Pig
  • Peacock
  • Turkey
  • Bull 
  • Tiger 
  • Bear
  • Deer
  • Cow 

So, you can place your bet either on animals or numbers. The second option refers to the random numbers given to animals during the gameplay. 

Whichever you pick, you’ll have one more choice to make. Namely, betting on animals and numbers at the same time gives you a safer bet. Firstly, when betting on numbers, you must choose between:

  • Tens
  • Hundreds
  • Thousands

If you bet on tens, you’re guessing the last two numbers. Similarly, hundreds represent the three numbers from the combination. When betting on thousands, you’re trying to guess the whole number. 

Simultaneously, you can place your bet on animals in several ways:

  • Simple
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Quadra
  • Penta

If you pick a simple bet, you’re wagering on one specific animal. Double, triple , quadra (four), and penta options refer to the number of animals. Betting on all five animals (penta) pays out the most; it can bring you 17,000 times your stake if you guess right.  

Jogo do Bicho Slot

Jogo do Bicho Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, Jogo do Bicho is much different than a typical slot game. Actually, it looks more like lottery games. Of course, the first step is choosing a great online casino that has this game. Then, you’re supposed to register and fund your account. 

At that point, all that’s left to do is start the game and place your bet. So, when you press the play button, the animals will pop out of the boxes on the left side. They form a random combination of animals and numbers. 

For example, you chose a double betting option and wagered on two animals: lion and butterfly. Then, you clicked on the play button, and the animals start appearing. If the lion and the butterfly pop out from the first and the second box, you win 95x your bet. In case they have shown up in any other position (e.g., from the fourth and the fifth box), the game delivers 12x. Finally, if you guessed only one of the two animals right, you win 1x your stake. 

This concept looks pretty much the same when you bet on numbers. For instance, you placed your bet on tens and picked the numbers nine and six. Once you press the play button, the animals will pop out together with a random number. If one of those numbers ends with nine and six, you win. Again, the amount you get depends on the position of the animal. In the best scenario, it will show up first and bring you 50 times your wager. 

Overall, Jogo do Bicho is a simple game that can bring you a fantastic payout. It doesn’t have any special features or mechanics. Instead, you simply have to understand the betting options you have. Once you do so, the game will be easy for you. 

In Conclusion

Jogo do Bicho is a Brazilian jungle-themed lottery game. It resembles various casino games, including bingo and a slot. Simultaneously, it’s simple, fun, and lucrative. This game has a fun topic and graphics, so everyone will find it enjoyable. 

On top of that, it’s exciting due to so many betting possibilities. You can wager on animals or numbers and pick extra betting options. Thus, you can choose how you want to place the best bet for your bankroll. Finally, you’ll also love it for its generous payouts of up to 17,000 times your stake.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Jogo do Bicho?

You need to find a suitable casino, register, and deposit money. Then, you can simply start the game, place your bet, and press the play button. If you guess the animals or the number right, you’ll win. If you want more details, read the review!

Where to play Jogo do Bicho?

Jogo do Bicho is available at many amazing online casinos like Brazino777, for example.

How much can I win on Jogo do Bicho?

The maximum Jogo do Bicho can deliver at once includes 17,000 times your stake.