Jogo do Bicho Slot Review

Jogo do Bicho Slot Review

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Slots may be the most interesting category on the market. They’re the most numerous and the most diverse out of all casino games. They come with different numbers of reels and paylines, they have versatile features, and their graphics can be impressively imaginative. To top it all off, their concept is simple, so they’re easy to play, yet they can be rather fun, not to mention fruitful.

Jogo do Bicho is such a game. It has it all — good graphics, an interesting theme, and potentially money-making features. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll enjoy being in the jungle through the screen. As soon as you load the game, a bunch of wild animals will greet you, standing in lines. However, that’s all you’ll learn of this game at first glance, and there’s much more you should know about it before you make your bet. And that’s why you’re here — in the following lines, we’ll do a detailed review of the Jogo do Bicho slot game.

What Is Jogo do Bicho?

Jogo do Bicho Slot

Jogo do Bicho is a five-reel slot game with 30 paylines (so you have 30 ways of forming a winning combination). It was launched by Skywind Group in June 2020, so it’s relatively new. “Relatively” is the operative word here, because new slot games go online every month. 

The game has a jungle theme and a cartoony vibe to it. The graphics are great, as the designers paid attention to every little detail. As a result, you’ll feel as if you were in an imaginary wild haven as soon as you load the game. Word of advice — play it in full-screen mode.

Jogo do Bicho Volatility

Jogo do Bicho is a 5/5 volatility slot, which means it’s a high variance one. The higher the volatility of a slot game, the more money you can win. However, there’s a catch — in comparison to low volatility slots, high volatility ones rarely deliver payouts. That being said, if you’re a high roller, you may be in luck and experience the benefits of a high variance game.

Jogo do Bicho RTP Rate

The game’s RTP rate is reasonably high — 95%. To put it simply, that means that your chances of winning are 95%. However, it’s not that simple. Namely, the RTP rate of a slot game indicates the percentage of all the bets it’ll pay out over time. Whether you’ll be the lucky player to benefit from a high RTP rate is something you can’t count on, but you may get lucky.

Jogo do Bicho Symbols and Features

Given the game’s theme, it’s not surprising that the majority of symbols are animals. What is surprising, though, is their versatility. Namely, you can’t know which of them can turn wild and trigger the Random Wild Jungle feature. 

Let’s start from the beginning. The Animal Wheel icon can appear on any of the reels and trigger the Animal Wheel feature. It can happen at any time — both during the main game and a bonus round. 

If the symbol lands on the lion, you’ll trigger the Lion Roar Respin feature during which the giant lion icon will cover 2×2 reel positions. However, if it lands on the goat, one up to five animals (any animals, hence the versatility) will turn into wild symbols. Finally, if the Animal Wheel symbol lands on a crocodile or a bonus symbol, you’ll unlock the Bingo Game Bonus feature. It contains four Bingo tickets, each of which with 24 random numbers from one to 90. When the bonus game starts, wild symbols will cover random grid positions and you’ll get to draw balls from the machine three times. There are three kinds of balls — regular, golden, and special.

Jogo do Bicho Bet Sizes

After you’ve finished playing for fun, you may want to play the game for real money. If so, you’ll get to set your bet size to any amount from 0.30 to 150 units. 

Closing Thoughts

While it seems simple in design (and easy to play), Jogo do Bicho is a rather versatile slot game. It has an intricate design and numerous fruitful features. Speaking of fruitful, the game has a high RTP rate (95%) and high volatility (5/5). Thus, if you’re lucky, you may win an impressive payout. That is if you play for real money. Namely, the game’s available in demo mode so that you can get familiar with it before you start placing bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Jogo do Bicho safe to play?

While the game itself is safe to play, whether you’ll be safe playing depends on your casino choice. Namely, you need to choose a reputable casino with a strong license and good business practice so as to play this game (or any game) safely.

2. Where can I play Jogo do Bicho?

Given its popularity, Jogo do Bicho isn’t hard to find. However, it’s essential that you play it only at reputable casinos. Our suggestion is Brazino777. It’s secure, safe, and player-friendly. On top of that (or because of that), it rates well on trustworthy portals as well as among players.

3. What is the biggest win on Jogo do Bicho?

That depends on several factors. First, it depends on your bet size — the more you bet, the more you’re likely to win. That being said, if you land five wild, lion, bull, or bird symbols on a payline, your win will be 1,000 times larger than the amount of money you’ve bet.