108 Heroes Slot Review

108 Heroes Slot Review

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The ancient Chinese sages said: "Do not despise the snake for having no horns, for who is to say it will not become a dragon?" So may a straightforward video slot become a serious money-making machine.

Asides from being straightforward, the 108 Heroes video slot has a charm like no other. If you were a fan of the seventies ecranisation or the animated series from Cartoon Network of one of the four classic Chinese novels Water Margin, then you'll quickly go with the flow of this game slot.

You'll follow the aesthetics of Eastern ornaments and tales of brave heroes that fight for just slot payouts. Please read our review further to find more about all secrets this slot has to reveal and how well the source material was used for the Microgamings’ video slot.

108 Heroes Slot Appearance: Blossoms of Combat

Warriors' life is like blossoms in spring. That's why the 108 Heroes video slot uses sakura blossom branches and petals to cover the blood-red background of the reels. Because of the striking and vibrating color scheme, the slot will hold your attention for a long time.

This is an oriental classic Microgaming slot released in 2017. It has an excellent and recognizable character design, and its reels are framed with oriental golden bars that give the slot an Eastern glamor.

At the bottom of the reels, you'll find a standard Microgaming console with a beautiful jade green spin button. On the left of the spin button is the Max Bet option and on the right is the option for choosing the autoplay feature. Unfortunately, the maximum of auto spins is 100, with no options for customizing.

The paytable, additional settings, and the help button are located on the top left of your screen. The nice thing about the slot is it lets you customize audio preferences. If you are gaming on a less powerful device (like playing at a mobile casino, for example), you can also choose the basic graphic settings to save some RAM.

There is an option for quick spins that can be played during auto spins. You can turn the background and game audio on and off individually. 

108 Heroes Slot Review Canada Symbols

However, you could say that audio is the slot's weakest link. The soundtrack is battle-drum-driven with a repetitive melody that can be annoying after a while, as it seems intrusive. The game sounds are not in the same style as the theme or soundtrack, which creates further dissonance.

The overall appearance leaves a striking yet expected red and gold dominant scheme that fits the Chinese aesthetics. It's a shame that the soundtrack doesn't have the range of different emotions to keep things more engaging.

108 Heroes Slot Payout: The Cost of Honor

Microgaming's five reels, three rows, fifteen fixed paylines game offers you a traditional slot gaming experience. It provides a slightly above average RTP of 96.56%, with medium volatility experience. The slot pays payline combinations from the leftmost to the rightmost reel.

You can set the number of coins you'd like to bet. There are five different levels of coin size. The minimum bet size you can stake is 0.15 units with the first level and coin value of 0.01. The maximum you can bet per spin is 75 units on a maxed level and fifth level coin value.

This slot might not suit high rollers but might be suitable for penny rollers and midfielders, given the medium volatility. The biggest win is 1,875x. Given that the highest you can bet is 75 units, that means you can score 140,625 units with a single spin!

108 Heroes Slot Symbols

108 Heroes Slot Review casino logo
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C$400 Bonus Cash

If you were hoping for 108 characters featured in a slot, then you're not alone. Truthfully, we all know that wouldn't be possible, even with the most stacked stacked video slot there is.

However, it's disappointing that the slot features standard As, Qs, and Ks, even though it had a palette of 103 different faces for inspiration.

The good news is that you'll have a chance to call in the cavalry from five distinct faces from the source material. Keep in mind that these faces aren't based on the 1972 Japanese show but take a great deal of creative freedom.

Paywise, there are three sets of symbols. You'll need to form the winning line from the leftmost to the rightmost reel.

The first, low-value symbols are classic slot symbols of aces, queens, and kings with an addition of an axed character. The second set is higher value symbols with more familiar heroes with the highest paying probably resembling the famous Lin Chong. The third set is unique paying symbols that offer features or special abilities.

There are four lower-value symbols. You'll need at least three of the same kind on your winning line to be paid. These are the most common symbols on your reels and will multiply your bet in the following manner:

  • A: 0.13x, 1x, 5x
  • Q: 0.13x, 1x, 5x
  • K: 0.33x, 1.7x, 6.7x
  • Axe warrior: 0.33x, 3.33x, 6.7x

There are also four types of higher-value symbols. You'll also need at least three of the same kind on one of your winning lines to seal the deal. These legendary characters will multiply your bet like this:

  • Female Warrior: 0.7x, 3.33x, 8.3x
  • Lightning Warrior: 1x, 5, 5x, 16.7x
  • Fanned Warrior: 1.33x, 6.7x, 33.3x
  • Chief Commander: 3.33x, 6.7x, 33.3x

Each time you land a character-winning line, you'll see a specific animation. It's not understandable why the axed character is not more distinct from the lower-paying symbols, although its animation and appearance are more recognizable than other lower-value symbols.

108 Heroes Slot Review Canada Paytable

The third set of symbols is unique symbols that bring something extra to your game. These are the well-known symbols of scatters, wilds, and bonus chests. Here's how they pay and what they trigger:

  1. The wooden plate that says 108 Heroes is the wild. It also multiplies your bet value by 0.33x (2 wilds), 13.3 (3), 133.3x (4),500x (5).
  2. Scatters are symbols represented by beautiful mountain scenery. They can appear anywhere on your reel, one on each reel. If you collect three or more scatters during a single spin, you'll activate the Free Spins feature. Scatters pay even if they are not on a payline. These symbols multiply your bet value by 2x, 4x, 50x, and 400x.
  3. Bonus Chest symbols trigger bonus rounds. Depending on the number of chests appearing on your winning payline, you can advance to the bonus game with three, four, or five guessing turns. You'll need to form the winning line from the leftmost to the rightmost reel. Bonus chests will not pay you right away, but the number of chests collected will influence the bonus game prizes.

108 Heroes Slot Features – Enter the Bonus Level

108 Heroes Slot Review casino logo
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C$400 Bonus Cash

This slot relies on two major features. These relatively standard features offer excellent prizes and give you something to wait for when you auto-spin reels nine dozen times.

The Free Spins Feature

You unlock the Free Spins feature whenever you collect three, four, or five scatters. Regardless of the number of scatters, you'll always end up with 10 free spins. However, depending on the number, you'll get paid: 

  • 2 scatters: 2x 
  • 3 scatters: 4x
  • 4 scatters: 50x
  • 5 scatters: 400x

You can retrigger free spins anytime you collect three, four, or more scatters during your free spins feature. You'll still get ten for each activation of the feature.

The free spins feature is more attractive because you get a triple multiplier. The multiplier activates anytime you score a winning line.

The funny thing is that the second and fourth reels will spin in opposite directions, the soundtrack will slightly change, and the background will go black.

The Bonus Game Feature

The bonus game is perhaps an even more exciting feature than the free spins multiplier. Anytime you collect three, four, or five bonus chest symbols on a winning payline, you'll access the bonus game level.

Depending on how many chests you collect, the prizes will be lower or higher. Three chests give you the lowest prizes, and five give you the highest. The lowest you can score is 2x the bet, and the highest is 33.3x.

The bonus level starts with an animation of our depicted reel heroes charging to the battle. After a brief clash off the screen, you'll be transferred to a unique background of defeated soldiers and a field with twelve chests waiting for you to open them.

You'll get three picks of your choice. They are organized into four chests in three rows. If you've collected three chests, the prizes will range from 2x to 20x the bet. Four collected chests give you 3x to 26.7x the bet. Finally, five collected chests give you 4-33.3x, the best possible value.

108 Heroes Slot: Final Thoughts

The 108 Heroes video slot name might seem more like hyperbole to its hyperbolic source material. Nevertheless, if you feel like solid RTP, medium volatility, and bonus levels are all you need to get into it!


What is the average RTP of the 108 Heroes slot?

The 108 Heroes slot offers you an above average of 96.56% RTP.

What’s the volatility of The 108 Heroes slot?

The 108 Heroes slot offers you a medium volatility slot experience.

What’s The 108 Heroes slot’s unique feature?

The unique feature of the slot is the 10 Free Spins feature with the triple multiplier and Bonus Level Chest feature with guaranteed prize pools.

What’s the most you can win on The 108 Heroes slot?

With a single spin, the maximum amount you can achieve is 1,875x the bet.

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