Pachinko Slot Review

Pachinko Slot Review

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If you can’t decide between slot and bingo, Pachinko is the perfect game for you. It combines the elements of slots, arcade games, and even pinball. As a result, it offers a fun and authentic experience. Plus, its rewarding features and a solid RTP of 95% may bring you a fantastic profit. Keep on reading to learn Pachinko game details!

What Is Pachinko?

Pachinko is a lucrative casino game that stands out for its unique appearance and functions. You’ll find a whole variety of them across the internet, and they differ in many ways. Normally, it doesn’t feature reels but tickets filled with a bunch of numbers. When you select the bet size and click the “play” button, the balls with numbers pop up. If they match the ones on tickets in a specific pattern, they will bring you winning. 

So, this game isn’t just a typical slot – it looks and works in quite a different way. But just like slot, it’s completely luck-based and works with an RNG chip so that you can’t affect the result. Thus, you’d need to rely entirely on Lady Luck! 

Pachinko Game Overview

Where To Play Pachinko Online?

Both slot and arcade game enthusiasts will love Pachinko. It’s a simple game of chance that stands out for its authenticity. Gamblers can enjoy numerous different Pachinko games that offer various possibilities. Namely, the majority of them have a part that resembles bingo, or some other arcade game, pinball, and slot simultaneously. The goal is always to land a combo that pays out the most!


Pachinko online differs from the game you’ll find at land-based casinos. The RTP level is always higher in online game formats, and the same goes for Pachinko. So, if you play it online, Pachinko has a solid RTP of 95%. 


Rewards and bonuses are a usual part of every slot. However, the features depend on the particular game. Of course, Pachinko has special features, such as free spins, to make your gameplay more exciting and dynamic. But, they differ from one game to another.

Most Pachinko games have an extra ball feature. Simply put, when you run out of balls, you can buy several additional ones to try to land a winning combo. The number of extra balls is always limited.

Bet Size

Before you start playing Pachinko, you’re supposed to pick the desired bet size. The higher your bet is, the more cash you will get when you land a winning combo. 

Pachinko Slot Jackpot

Pachinko games usually feature a jackpot. However, hitting one is just as complicated as in the case of a typical slot game. In addition, different Pachinko games have jackpots of various sizes. So, make sure to learn how to trigger the jackpot and how big of a prize it can y bring you. 

Pachinko History

This lucrative game that combines the slot, arcade game, and pinball elements was invented in Japan in the 1920s. When it was launched, Pachinko was a children’s toy. Then, however, the adults started taking an interest in it. At one point, it became a gambling device. Soon later, Pachinko became widespread and appeared in different parts of the world, including Las Vegas. Today, you can play it at some land-based casinos, as well as online.

Pachinko Machine Formats 

The standard Pachinko machine looks like a vertical pinball machine. To start playing it, you need to shoot the ball from the top. The ball will then trigger other ones. However, the online game version works in a bit different way. Plus, there’s a whole variety of these games regarding design, features, and shape. 

Playing Pachinko on PC

If you want to enjoy Pachinko on PC, you need to choose a reliable online casino first. If it has a valid license, an excellent reputation, solid bonuses, and Pachinko games, the venue is good enough. Then, you can start playing Pachinko for real money right after depositing. 

However, if you’re new to the game, you can start your journey by playing demo versions. Then, by getting some practice, you’ll be able to upgrade your gaming skills and, as a result, bring the whole experience to a higher level.

Mobile-responsive Pachinko

Today, the Japanese slot-like game is available across devices. Thus, players can enjoy it regardless of the time and place. However, the requirement is to find an excellent mobile casino and have a stable internet connection. Just like slots, Pachinko games are perfect for mobile gameplay. 

Overall Impression of the Pachinko Slot

Pachinko is a Japanese game that quickly grabs your attention and may bring a solid profit. These games are as simple as they are lucrative. And thanks to the internet and numerous online casinos, anyone can enjoy them. Before you start playing, make sure to find an appropriate online casino you can trust with your money and personal information!


What is a Pachinko?

Pachinko is what we call a Japanese gambling device that resembles pinball, arcade games, and slots.

How do I play Pachinko?

After choosing the right online casino, you can start playing Pachinko by selecting the desired bet size and selecting the “play” button. Before you start the game, check out the rules of that individual game. 

Where can I play Pachinko? 

Pachinko is available at several online casinos, including Jackpot City. This operator holds Pachinko games and offers up to €1,400 welcome bonuses to newcomers.

Is Pachinko hard to learn?

No, Pachinko is a simple game of chance that combines the elements of slots, arcade games, and pinball. Learning the rules isn’t hard.

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