Who Are We?

OnlineCasinoBuddy is your friendly, independent casino portal built by gamblers for gamblers. Our idea is to create honest and trustworthy casino reviews and find you the latest online casino bonuses and promo offers. 

During our 12 years of gaming experience, we’ve been through it all. It started with slot games, then we transitioned to card games, and now we’re balancing somewhere in between.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Your Online Casino Buddy has seen both – the best of brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as reputable online casinos, mobile casinos, and so on. 

Our experience has taught us that safety and trustworthiness come before everything else. Online gambling is as exciting as it is risky. Thus, we wish to provide other casino enthusiasts with a list of trusted and high-quality gambling platforms.

How Do We Help?

Unfortunately for many enthusiasts, the casino industry is filled with unreliable data, sketchy offers, and deals you don’t really want to take. 

As a novice or even an experienced gambler, it might be hard to differentiate those. The terms and rules are written in small letters for a reason. 

Opposingly to that, we’re boldly listing everything that you should know about a particular casino, slot game, bonuses, and offers. You won’t need to spend hours analyzing terms, and instead, you’ll be left with more time playing and having fun. 

This brings us to our mission that says: 

“We strive to provide you with first-hand, honest, and transparent information about online casinos and the gambling industry. 

By having everything organized and widely available, we’ll save your time, so you’ll have more of it for your thrilling journey.”

What Else Do We Do?

OnlineCasinoBuddy offers more than up-to-date information and casino reviews. We’re also here to share our knowledge of different aspects of online gambling with you. Your friendly buddy is eager to teach you everything you should know about:

  • Casino bonuses,
  • Mobile gaming,
  • Different casino games,
  • Real-money casinos,
  • No deposit casinos, and so on.

So, instead of trudging through the different corners of the Internet searching for information, you can simply find everything that interests you in one place. Your Casino Buddy offers comprehensive and transparent guides. If you check them out, you’ll learn:

  • About the differences between various casino games,
  • What games offer the best odds,
  • Why free spins bonuses are so common and popular,
  • Which terms, conditions, and rules are the most important,
  • Why it’s so hard to find a good no deposit promo offer,
  • What benefits you can gain by choosing a mobile casino, etc.

As a result, you’ll get all the knowledge necessary for successful real-money gaming. But Casino Buddy doesn’t stop there. He’s also ready to provide you with details about the most popular casino games available today. Thus, you’ll find plenty of casino & slot reviews that explain diverse games in detail – from special features and symbols to RTP and volatility levels. You can check out our list of popular casinos and slot games.

Our Values

Casino Buddy doesn’t want to be like everybody else and share the same content you can find on other websites. He wants to do just the opposite – to provide you with nothing but genuine and honest reviews and guides. And that brings us to our first value – transparency.

Aside from being genuine, Casino Buddy makes it simple for you to access any piece of information. It’s designed to ensure a user-friendly experience. 

So forget about confusing and messy websites that make your life more complicated than it already is. OnlineCasinoBuddy values transparency, honesty, and the truth. You’ll be able to access every corner of the website instantly, find what you expect to be there, and even read it in other languages.

Our second value is passion. Since we’re a group of casino enthusiasts, we understand other players’ needs, drives, and wishes. So, OnlineCasinoBuddy offers content that’s adapted for a typical gambler of today. In other words, everything we created is meant for you. 

Finally, Casino Buddy is well-familiar with the concept of commitment. It continually updates the available pieces of information and provides fresh and new ones. In conclusion, every detail you find on the website is genuine, transparent, and up to date.

Commitment makes our work fun.


  • is what drives us.

Your OnlineCasinoBuddy is a player, too. We understand your needs, as we’re driven by the same fuel. 


  • without any compromises.

The buddy offers straightforward and honest guides with 100% transparency. Easily accessible information is something you can rely on – every time. 


  • to up-to-date information.

We’ve gathered our experience in the past. Yet what we share is up-to-date and fresh content that you can use in the present.